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Cross-border character and impact

The cross-border character of the partnership is given by respecting the common criteria: joint development, joint implementation, joint staffing and joint financing. Through the joint effort of the partners to have similar methods in teaching, exchanges of teachers and students between the two institutions can be initiated, the relationship created through this project will continue after its completion. In terms of mid-term impact, the project helps in raising the professional competence level of the students for both partner institutes who with the help of this knowledge will be able to solve issues they would have not been able to in the past. The development of the HVD 3D device and the associated course materials and teaching will have a long term impact because the use of the said device is unique, and will probably induce further developments.
European Regional Development Fund Nyiregyhazi Foiskola Universitatea de Vest Vasile Goldis Arad Hungarian Romanian Cross-Border
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