two countries, one goal, join success

Rationale and background

Nyiregyhaza and Arad being located near the common border, cooperation is needed in social, economic, educational and cultural plans. Studying the development strategies of each institution, knowing that the county regional development strategies induce and propose good cooperation between Hungary and Romania, both partners believe that the project and its implementation will lead to application of unitary methodologies in teaching mathematics to students, by the software which will be developed and used. Cooperation in education between the two institutions will lead to strengthening of education in the border region, to joint development of skills and knowledge to enrich students and teachers experience in the field of mathematics.

The project provides the opportunity to gain access to a higher level of knowledge, and also by the demonstration trough the HVD device, participants can gain knowledge of the practical use of the theory.

The project partners use their previously acquired knowledge in order to build up the interactive teaching tool packages so they contain the most useful (and effective) knowledge materials.

The HVD device is used for the first time in education and the open source software developed for it represents a new kind of experience for the participants of the courses.
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