two countries, one goal, join success

Target group

Direct beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of the project are a group of 60 students from Hungary and 40 students from Romania from computer and mathematical profile. Stimulating learning mathematics disciplines based on computer programs for these students, will lead to basic knowledge and skills for labor market insertion and personal development. Thus, the students will consolidate their knowledge of mathematics and programming and will receive a modern and innovative training.

Indirect beneficiaries

By the visibility events (competitions, workshops, conferences) and through free access to these electronic media, lecturers and students from other faculties of mathematics and computer science are indirect beneficiaries. One of the important component of this program is to create an internet platform where all the information regarding the courses will be uploaded. All interested parties will be able to access the database to inform themselves free of charge. This will lead to a better understanding of mathematical concepts, increase skills in using computer programs to solve some classes of problems for at least 300 other persons who will study the courses materials posted on the platform. This will strengthen the education, research and innovation in the two border areas.
European Regional Development Fund Nyiregyhazi Foiskola Universitatea de Vest Vasile Goldis Arad Hungarian Romanian Cross-Border
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